Pink Woven Nylon Apple Watch Band




·       Breathable, high strength nylon sports strap

·       Soft, lightweight and comfortable

·       Perfect for sports or general day to day use

·       Easy to use, hook and loop fastener

·       Simple to install and remove

·       Suitable for Men and Women

·       Fits fluidly around your wrist


·       Apple Watch not included

·       Band Length: Up to 22cm (8.6″)


Looking for a way to wear your Apple Watch while doing sport? Then check out the Scuba Blue Woven Nylon Apple Watch Band, which gently rests against your skin while allowing moisture to escape.

If you don’t like the feel of the rubber silicone sports strap then these are perfect for you.

Choose from a variety of colours made from high strength breathable nylon with an easy to adjust buckle.

Made from a breathable sweat proof nylon, these straps are soft, comfortable and lightweight. Perfect for sports or general day to day to use.



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